The Production Capability of Chute Feeder

Chute feeder, also known as reciprocating or oscillating feeder machine , it is the storage mine shafts nesting feeding equipment that applicated in the earlier times . Its types are various,the common features of these types are the material layer height adjustment ram; an input chute feeding plate is equipped at the underpart of the feeding chute . Its different point is the feed plate angle, the general type is the certain inclined angle (less than the static angle of repose of the material) . The feed board action is pided into reciprocating, jitter and swing and the other types ,the transmission mechanism are crank rotary.
The chute bottom plates do the reciprocating movement, the movement frequency is 20-60 times/min and the stroke is 20-200mm. Stroke can be adjusted by the eccentric wheel; the eccentric throw is half of the stroke. According to experience of some mine sites, the eccentric throw should no less than 30mm for cohesive ore.
The chute width is 2-2.5 times of maximum feeding granularity. The biggest chute feeder can supply ore with granularity less than 500mm. The most common specification is 980*1240 chute feeder, with feeding granularity between 350-0mm, which is the best partner of 400*600 Jaw crusher .
In recent years, the development pace of crushing and mining machine industry is relatively fast with relative better prospects, so many companies have joined into the mining machine industry and has injected new vitality to the industry. Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional chute feeder manufacturer and supplier in China with decades manufacturing experience and advanced manufacturing technology. Hongxing experts can design and develop special chute feeder based on the actual needs of customers.

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