I’ve resisted putting up a blog for some time now, but I feel the time has finally come.  As my life has been quite a journey, especially in the last few years, I would like to share some of the historical experiences that have shaped my life, as well as to document the daily insights, happenings, and opinions that shape me now. My life has transformed dramatically over the last few years, and my hope is that through my experiences, observations, and interpretations, I can share something that may strike a chord with someone and be of value to them.  I never knew the grass on the other side could be so green, and I hope that the discussions on here can help others who may too be afraid or locked in tradition to even look.  I am a work in progress and don’t pretend to even begin to know all of the answers and complexities of life.  I simply try to better myself each day, and make sense of what I learn along the way.  This Blog is my attempt at expressing my lessons learned, and lessons yet to be learned on the journey of life that we all share.

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